Providing for your Physical Health Needs

PPE provides a first line defense against COVID19. We at BlackRidge provides solutions along side the Safe Mississippi for schools, businesses and other organizations. 

Addressing your Mental Health Needs.


As anxiety and depression continue to rise in Mississippi, it is imperative that we address our states mental health concerns. Safe Mississippi is here to work with administrators, educators, and students for a brighter future.

Ensuring the Safety of all Mississippians.

By working together to address all of the areas that currently threatens our well being we the future of Mississippi is bright. 



SAFE MISSISSIPPI is a 24 page plan introduced by BlackRidge Healthcare Solutions LLC, a Jackson based company, as a vital tool for easing anxiety, encouraging collaborative partnerships and ensuring that schools, business and communities can adapt to a changing world of efficiency in the world of COVID-19.   SAFE MISSISSIPPI details best case scenarios while offering insight on the following subject matter areas: 

  • What massive PCR & COVID-19 Testing is and how to implement

  • What is ONE SCREEN GOSAFE Scanning

  • Introduction and acquisition of comprehensive PPE resources as imperatives to schools, businesses & communities in the culture of COVID-19 


Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

First, we must understand that COVID-19 is an enemy to the world!

The coronavirus is a highly dangerous, easily transmitted disease.


Second, scientists have learned in the early months of this novel virus that

it spreads in an uneven way, and many outbreaks have been traced back to

“events and places” like markets, community gatherings, and musical events,

which represent outbreaks that could have been prevented by planning with

best practices. Given these facts, an open environment such as schools, workspace engagement and large gatherings  provides an exceptional opportunity for virus spread. (The “classroom” where groups of students, faculty and staff are congregating within and any industry work spaces or place. 


Third, we still don’t know whether antibodies confer immunity, and if so, at what

threshold and for how long (along with questions about the antibody tests


Fourth, the nucleic acid tests are also challenging—false negatives endanger

lives and false positives impede comprehensive productivity. 


Given these facts, and without a working vaccine, how does one mitigate the risk of

people getting sick when they are violating every physical distancing guideline

for hours on end, for weeks at a time? As you might imagine, it ultimately comes down to testing. A lot of testing.


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